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Solidworks Workgroup Pdm Serial Number 2014




Contact SolidWorks for the cost of adding a serial number. . Select the function you want to use, and then click OK. When the Information About a Product Registration screen appears, select OK. Repeat steps 2 to 7, selecting the product serial number and clicking OK, for each product in your SolidWorks install.  . On the screen where you are asked to select an option, select the option for the SolidWorks product you are installing to use serial numbers.  Click OK to add the product to the SolidWorks system and complete the registration.   Note: If you select the option to store information about a product that is already registered, you must enter the product's serial number in the field. . After adding a product to your SolidWorks database, a dialog box may appear asking for user information about the product.  You can click Yes, and proceed, or click No and return to the main SolidWorks screen. . If you select Yes, the SolidWorks system updates the product to show the serial number. If you select No, the system does not update the product to show the serial number. . Click OK, and then select the product's serial number on the General tab. Click the Save As button. A dialog box appears. Enter the file name and the location for the file. . Click Save. The dialog box closes and the file is saved. If the file name is invalid, the Save As dialog box returns. . To find the location of the file, click the Open button. You can click OK.  Note: The file is stored in your computer's temporary folder. Note: If you need to access the file on a different computer, you can copy it to a shared location using one of the following techniques: --   **Local** On the General tab of the file, click the file location, and then click the Copy button. In Windows Explorer, double-click the file location, and then click Copy. In the Copy dialog box, select the Include folder, and then click OK. --   **Cloud** In the General




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Solidworks Workgroup Pdm Serial Number 2014

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